Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS)

Organization Details

NameUrban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS)

Organization Description

Mission statementWe empower African Americans and under-served communities to thrive by securing educational and economic opportunities.
Service(s) descriptionProject MISTER (Male Involvement and Service to Encourage Responsibility), a program that pairs at-risk high school students with adult mentors. Level Up (ages 12-18), and GROOM (Gifted Regardless Of Oppressive Methods) advocating program for youth who are either justice involved or at risk of justice involvement.
Program impactProvide educational supports for youth and wraparound service for families during the school day and/or after school.

Community programs are organized into categories known as Community School Elements. All community programs associated with Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS) are listed below and each program may be provided at 1 or more schools. You can use the 'Show Details' buttons to learn more about each program.

Behavior/Social and Emotional Learning and Supports (2 programs)

Programs that support adults and students in developing 21st century skills and competencies such as self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and building trusting relationships, in order to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work/studies effectively. This is inclusive of programs supporting alternative discipline approaches such as restorative justice.

College and Career Readiness (1 program)

Programs that support preparing all students for college, career, and life, including supporting students through the college admission process, exposing them to careers through internships, and helping them to develop post-secondary plans.

Expanded Learning (1 program)

Programs that provide opportunities outside of the regular school day to practice and reinforce the skills students are learning in the classroom, to get exposure to new and different areas that may spark their interest and curiosity, and to cultivate strong social emotional skills and mindsets.

Racial/Cultural Identity (2 programs)

Programs that support strong, positive identity development and understanding of one's culture grounded in the experiences of a student's racial/cultural group, and their own individual experiences as members of particular racial/cultural groups.