Southwest Youth and Family Services

Program Information

Program NameSouthwest Youth and Family Services
URLnot provided
Partnership categoryBehavior/Social and Emotional Learning and Supports
Service TypesMental health interventions and services, Case Management
Program DescriptionSouthwest Youth and Family Services provides three tiers of services within schools, detailed below. The services provided at each school vary by need and are determined on a school by school basis: 1) Behavioral health, including Aggression Replacement Therapy. Counseling services empower youth and families through culturally relevant counseling in both an individual and group setting, in English or Spanish. Aggression Replacement Training (ART) focuses on social skills, anger control and moral reasoning, with the Intent to reduce impulsive, disruptive behavior that often escalates to aggression. This is done in a group setting, meeting three times per week for 10 weeks with a small group of students. 2) Case Management: individualized services for youth. Youth meet regularly with a case manager at the school or in community. 3) Youth development: Prosocial skill building and employment related support.

Organization Information