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Mission statementLiving Voices brings life to history through 12 original multimedia educational theatre programs, uniquely combining live performance with archival film to authentically represent diverse perspectives from the past that resonate today. Our vision is to educate and inspire students to understand history through a personal, inclusive lens, and see themselves as part of it—past, present, and future.
Service(s) descriptionPowerful solo performances provide a dynamic, interactive experience of a significant time in history. Archival film and photos immerse audiences in how a different time and place looked, sounded, and felt, while facilitated pre- and post-play discussions connect history to contemporary issues.
Program impactOur innovative, accessible technique connects to Social Studies content, encourages empathy and learning, and inspires social change. Our diverse repertory features historical viewpoints of female, Black, Native, Asian & Latinx Americans and immigrants. Written and produced exclusively by Living Voices, programs are developed in collaboration with representative cultural experts & lived-experience community advisors. Performers and characters offer relatable role models. Pre- and post-show discussions provide context and highlight personal connections to history and current events. Nationally recognized for our work in social justice, Living Voices has presented over 70,000 shows for more than 4 million people in Seattle and beyond. Washington Governor’s Arts Award in Education: contributions to state arts and culture, community engagement, quality of work, record of accomplishments NW Coalition against Malicious Harassment Award: efforts to stop bigotry Evergreen State Society Award: outstanding contributions to Washington communities

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