Living Voices Live Multimedia Historical Shows

Program Information

Program NameLiving Voices Live Multimedia Historical Shows
Partnership categoryAcademic Learning
Service TypesPerforming arts education and enrichment activities
Program Description12 unique multimedia shows combine a dynamic live performance with archival film to immerse audiences in the sights, sounds, feelings, and experiences of a significant time in history through real non-master narrative points of view. Pre- and post-show discussions with the performer create an active opportunity for students to reflect and discuss the historical era of the production, and how that history relates to current events and their own lives. Designed for accessibility, our flexible, solo-actor format works in both theatrical and non-traditional spaces, from classrooms to auditoriums, for groups of any size. Programs fit into a class period. Grades 4-5 and up: THROUGH THE EYES OF A FRIEND: Anne Frank and the Holocaust THE RIGHT TO DREAM: Struggle for racial equity in the civil rights movement WITHIN THE SILENCE: World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans LA CAUSA: César Chávez & the migrant farmworkers movement NATIVE VISION: Native American boarding schools & Navajo Code Talkers in World War II OUR REVOLUTION: The American Revolution from a Black soldier’s point of view HEAR MY VOICE: women’s suffrage movement NORTHWEST PASSAGES: diverse communities in turn-of-the-century Pacific Northwest JOURNEY FROM THE DUST: economic inequities in the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression THE NEW AMERICAN: journey to Ellis Island & work in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire / Grades 1 and up: KLONDIKE: THE LAST ADVENTURE: women in the Yukon gold rush ISLAND OF HOPE: Jewish family’s escape from persecution to America

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