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Mission statementWomen of color have a diverse array of strengths to bring to STEM fields and their culture, language, background, experiences, and perspectives offer great value and benefit to STEM professions.
Service(s) descriptionWe offer 3 events per month focusing on college or career skill building, networking opportunities, field trips, or interviews with women in the STEM field. Students also have the opportunity for monthly one on one meetings to discuss individual needs. Femme2STEM partners with local nonprofits and organizations to support students with rental assistance, clothing, food, or any other barriers they may face.
Program impactWe can support students in learning about financial aid opportunities, getting accepted into colleges or trade schools, transferring from community to a university, finding paid internships, networking opportunities, and career exploration to find the right path in STEM for them. They also have a unique opportunity to find community with other students with similar interests, backgrounds, and cultures.

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College and Career Readiness (1 program)

Programs that support preparing all students for college, career, and life, including supporting students through the college admission process, exposing them to careers through internships, and helping them to develop post-secondary plans.