Program Information

Program NameYWCA Femme2STEM
Partnership categoryBehavior/Social and Emotional Learning and Supports
Service TypesSocial emotional education and activities
Program DescriptionThe mission of GirlsFirst is to encourage leadership, instill confidence, develop skills, and provide opportunities to femaleā€¢identified (and non-binary, trans, and genderqueer) students of color. Through camps and after-school programming, YWCA Girlsflrst seeks to support students during their critical first year of high school. The program also incorporates GirlsFirst alumni (10th -12th grade students) as informal peer mentors and program leaders/participants. The program focuses on providing culturally-relevant STEAM, fine arts, fitness, college and career readiness (including paid internships}, social emotional support, leadership development, and community engagement programming.

Organization Information