Public Health - Seattle & King County

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NamePublic Health - Seattle & King County

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Mission statementAll people in King County, regardless of income, ethnic background or zip code should have the opportunity to live long and healthy lives. To achieve this goal, Public Health – Seattle & King County works in close partnership with community institutions to create environments and places that foster health.
Service(s) descriptionSchool-based health centers offer a comprehensive scope of services including asthma care, immunizations, family planning, and mental health counseling (learn more from the Washington State School-Based Health Alliance FAQ). In addition to addressing health care concerns, they also promote good health for a lifetime through good nutrition education, supportive relationships, and reinforcement of positive self-images.
Program impactAccess to school-based health care services reduces time out of school for students, time out of work for families, and enables integration of academic goals into the medical and mental health treatment of students.

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Health & Wellness (1 program)

Programs that meet students' physical and behavioral health needs so they can be in school and ready to learn.