Friends of the Children

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NameFriends of the Children

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Mission statementnot provided
Service(s) descriptionFriends identifies and enrolls children through a six-week intensive risk and protective factor assessment process centered on observation and interaction with children in the classroom, utilizing a research-based assessment tool. We enroll the children who face the highest risks in kindergarten and stay with them through high school graduation. Each Friend only works with 8- 12 youth, providing weekly mentoring, aiming to spend on average 14 hours of month mentoring each youth. Utilization of salaried, professional mentors ensures mentors have the experience, length of stay, training, support, and structure to work with a population that faces tremendous challenges in order to ensure that youth succeed In school, gain essential life skills and graduate high school on time with a plan for their future. The professional mentors communicate regularly with teachers to discuss student needs and to help facilitate school-­family communication. Depending on the students' needs and teacher interest/permission, mentors may spend time in the classroom providing 1:1 support to the student.
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Behavior/Social and Emotional Learning and Supports (1 program)

Programs that support adults and students in developing 21st century skills and competencies such as self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and building trusting relationships, in order to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work/studies effectively. This is inclusive of programs supporting alternative discipline approaches such as restorative justice.