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Mission statementOur goal is quite simple: to empower individuals to broaden their skills and creativity in the wearable arts by providing an accessible, educational, and superior sewing space. We celebrate the art of sewing by creating experiences that will inform, inspire, and show individuals how to transform wearable art into a unique and personalized expression of their own.Made is a full-scale sewing studio and educational space, equipped with sewing machines, sergers, dress forms, large cutting tables, and an abundance of sewing knowledge and gadgets. We teach classes for a multitude of sewing levels to ensure you have a grasp of the required knowledge to work on your own and we excel in techniques and skills that will take you beyond a basic level. We believe that once you learn how to sew you are just beginning to understand and master one of the most demanding, fulfilling, and inspiring crafts.
Service(s) descriptionIn School Programs include: Club Registration, the Art of Business, Hand Embroidery, the Science of Art, Yarn Arts, and Machine Sewing
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