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NameBoomerang Project

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Mission statementWe believe in education. We believe the voice of one teacher can have a profound impact on the life of a child. We believe that what happens in your classroom and at your school can change lives. We believe in students and what they have to offer. We believe in the hope and opportunity that schools provide. We believe in the vision of what schools can be. We believe you get back what you give.
Service(s) descriptionWe are the boomerang project. Together we reach out to over 4,500 schools and 15,000 educators who are all united in a single purpose: to make schools great, safe and connected places for kids to learn. We house the internationally recognized high school and middle school transition programs, Link Crew and WEB.
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Community programs are organized into categories known as Community School Elements. All community programs associated with Boomerang Project are listed below and each program may be provided at 1 or more schools. You can use the 'Show Details' buttons to learn more about each program.

School Culture & Climate (2 programs)

Programs that support the creation of an inclusive, welcoming school environment that honors the experiences of all students and families, and provides opportunity for building community, strong relationships, and an overall positive climate for learning and growth.