College Possible

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NameCollege Possible

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Mission statementEmpower students from low-income families to access, enroll and graduate from college, at rates equal to their more advantaged peers.
Service(s) descriptionIntensive support, coaching, and resources including structured weekly group sessions, one-on-one advising appointments, and drop-In assistance with college admissions and enrollment processes including, but not limited to: a. Assistance with college search Including identifying post-secondary options and setting academic and personal goals. b. Assistance with admissions, financial aid, and scholarship applications. c. Standardized test preparation, registration and coaching. d. College campus visits and assistance connecting with college orientation and outreach programs. e. Coaching related to transitioning from high school to college including social-emotional abilities and financial literacy. General support and resources for school and district-wide college readiness and access programming, events, and activities.
Program impactnot provided

Community programs are organized into categories known as Community School Elements. All community programs associated with College Possible are listed below and each program may be provided at 1 or more schools. You can use the 'Show Details' buttons to learn more about each program.

College and Career Readiness (1 program)

Programs that support preparing all students for college, career, and life, including supporting students through the college admission process, exposing them to careers through internships, and helping them to develop post-secondary plans.