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Mission statementOur Mission: We facilitate human and school transformation through mindfulness practices. Our Vision: We want to ensure all students are well and whole. Our Values: We believe in integrated mindfulness practices that promote: • Alignment - this means that people are grounded and centered and with balanced nervous systems. • Connection - this means that people are attuned to their emotions, thoughts, and bodies in ways that allow them to practice self-compassion and build deep relationships with others. • Authentic - this means that people are able to be and express their true natures.
Service(s) description• We provide weekly classroom lesson with students to teach mindfulness-based social emotional learning • We provide professional learning for teachers and school staff, proving them with their own practices and tools for their own wellness • We facilitate a workshop called “Bringing Mindfulness Home” which connects parents and guardians to mindfulness practices for their wellness, parenting, and connection to their children
Program impactStudents: 98% of students indicated one or more mindfulness practices that they find helpful. 88% of students indicated that mindfulness is helpful for big feelings and emotions. 94% of students notice positive differences since learning mindfulness (i.e happier, calmer, more focused, less worried, less sad, less angry, kinder). Educators: 97% would like Space Between in their classrooms again. 97% saw improvement in student’s ability to regulate their emotions. 86% saw an increase in attention/focus. 92% saw an improvement in student wellbeing. Classrooms practiced mindfulness an average of 5.1 times per week, outside of Space Between time.

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