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Mission statementWe.APP exists to cultivate spaces that allow young scholars furthest away from educational justice to speak with purpose and truth. Our vision is to bridge the engagement and opportunity gap by reaching every child that is silenced in the back of the classroom and inspire them to break their silence and step forward to become the leaders in the front.
Service(s) descriptionWe.APP Speak With Purpose (SWP) is the only public speaking program incorporated into the school day with the purpose of integrating arts education with student voice to develop independent learners with self-authored identities. SWP adapts to the needs of each student by training diverse teaching guides to co-teach alongside classroom teachers to implement a culturally responsive and relevant project-based learning (PBL) curriculum. Our goal is to reimagine classroom learning by collaborating with teachers and students to guide their education using student agency, collectivism and voice to nurture brilliance, imagination and leadership.
Program impactSpeak With Purpose (SWP) is the only public speaking class offered as an elective or Language Arts course during the school day. Over 80% of We.APP programming is offered in South Seattle, District 2, Title 1 schools, and serves scholars and families the furthest away from educational justice. Through student led learning, We.APP scholars increasingly meet and excel in writing, reading and speaking skills.

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