PLATO - Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization

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NamePLATO - Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization

Organization Description

Mission statementEmpowering young people through philosophical inquiry.
Service(s) description“Philosophers in the Schools” brings regular philosophy classes into schools around the Seattle area. The classes are taught by Center staff, UW graduate students and undergraduates, and community volunteers trained in philosophy education.
Program impactThe philosopher-in-residence project strengthens the development of strong and sustainable philosophy programs in schools, by providing an ongoing model for teachers of philosophical engagement, regular support and training, and outreach to the school’s parents.

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Expanded Learning (2 programs)

Programs that provide opportunities outside of the regular school day to practice and reinforce the skills students are learning in the classroom, to get exposure to new and different areas that may spark their interest and curiosity, and to cultivate strong social emotional skills and mindsets.