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NameSawhorse Revolution

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Mission statementSawhorse Revolution is a Seattle-based non-profit serving high-school students primarily from Central and South Seattle. Our mission is to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft.
Service(s) descriptionSawhorse Revolution hosts programs that engage teens and community members on inspiring building projects, creating a dynamic, exciting, culturally-savvy classroom for diverse populations. Throughout the year, high school youth team with professional builders and dedicated mentors create beautiful structures that support nonprofits and community groups in local neighborhoods. Most programs offer 40-60 hours of direct building time, equivalent to a college level course.
Program impactA 2018 report from our partner organizations shows the impact of our programming. Participating students averaged a 59% increase in attendance, earned 63% more credits, and were 80% more likely to meet their credit attainment goals. Since inception, 35 Sawhorse Revolution students have found careers in design or the trades, and our staff has written 11 letters of recommendation for students seeking post-secondary education opportunities.

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College and Career Readiness (1 program)

Programs that support preparing all students for college, career, and life, including supporting students through the college admission process, exposing them to careers through internships, and helping them to develop post-secondary plans.