Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA)

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NameRefugee Women's Alliance (ReWA)

Organization Description

Mission statementReWA is a non-profit, multi-ethnic organization that promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership, and strong communities by providing refugee and immigrant women and their families with culturally and linguistically appropriate services. ReWA advocates for social justice, public policy changes, and equal access to services while respecting cultural values and the right to self-determination.
Service(s) descriptionAfterschool program, family support for Spanish and Somali-speaking families.
Program impactFrom a small, informal alliance of concerned refugee women, ReWA has grown to become one of the largest non-profit refugee and immigrant service providers in the Puget Sound area.

Community programs are organized into categories known as Community School Elements. All community programs associated with Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA) are listed below and each program may be provided at 1 or more schools. You can use the 'Show Details' buttons to learn more about each program.

Family Engagement & Support (1 program)

Programs that support partnership with families and caregivers so that families can understand and support their child's academic and social emotional learning, easily navigate schools/district systems, and so that schools can leverage the assets and knowledge of families within the school community.