P-Patch Project – UpGarden

Organization Description

Mission statementThrough the 2008 Parks & Green Space Levy, Uptown was designated as a priority area for new community garden development. Vacant land in this dense, urban neighborhood was difficult to come by. Luckily, a creative solution was worked out with the Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Center. The Seattle Center has offered the community nearly half of the top level of the Mercer Garage as an experimentation site for rooftop gardening. The garden is visible from both the top of Queen Anne Hill and the Space Needle. The P-Patch will remain as a public gardening space for the next couple years until the Mercer Garage is redeveloped as part of the Seattle Center Master Plan. At that point, the community intends to find a more permanent P-Patch location in the surrounding neighborhood.
Service(s) descriptionPartnership with Biology Department
Program impactnot provided

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