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Mission statementLet Me Run is building a new generation of men by teaching boys to be their best selves through a character development program powered by running.
Service(s) description14 practices over 7 weeks right after school working with 3-8th grade boys to run a 5K and move through curriculum based on their unique mental health and social emotional needs
Program impactLet Me Run seeks to break down negative societal pressures that require males to mask their authentic selves behind a performance of masculinity, in which the most praised emotions are anger, aggression and pride. Phrases like “man up,” “boys don’t cry” and “stop being a girl” serve as catalysts for this type of destructive macho-masculinity. As described by Dr. William Pollack in his book Real Boys, these unhealthy male stereotypes, which Pollack refers to as the “Boy Code,” can stand in the way of boys’ positive futures and lead to disturbing consequences such as illness, decreased learning potential, addiction, and violence. These often unspoken issues lead ninety men in the U.S. to die of suicide every day, four of whom are boys under the age of 19. we can improve grade, attendance, decrease screen time, improve health and so much more

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